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BIAGLASS huta szkła :: www.biaglass.pl ::

Pozycja w katalogu nr: 526, przeglądano: 997 razy.
Dodano: 2009-09-04
Kategoria: zagraniczne

URL: www.biaglass.pl

Tytuł: BIAGLASS huta szkła :: www.biaglass.pl ::

Opis: Biaglass Glass Works was established in 1929 and since 1970 has specialized in the production of mouth blown glass lampshades. Deep knowledge gained throughout years enable us to offer You lighting glasses of high quality, both small and large sizes and complicated shapes.

Wide range of our products consist of lampshades with dimensions from 70 mm to 620 mm, height from 50 mm to 2000mm, we offer: spheres, glasses with screw, ceilings, cones, vesta glasses, glasses for chandeliers, or used as separate pendants. Thanks to highly developed manual skills of our blowers and their experience and commitment we are able to reach high level of production possibilities.

Great part of our lampshades is unique and is done accordingly to individual orders. We are able to guarantee all our customers: lighting manufacturers, designers or wholesalers that their new design will be realized. We accept orders for new designs for lighting, without reference to the quantity of order.

Main Biaglass production is opal triplex glass, which provides extraordinarily soft and true light. To make it more attractive, glass may be decorated with workshop techniques: frits, air bubbles, or crackle effect. Glass also can be painted, decorated with decal, cut, acid etched or sandblasted. Every glass is carefully inspected and we take care of the fit and finish of every piece. We also provide the service of wooden and metal molds production.

Biaglass belongs to exclusive group of Glassworks in Europe, where 100% our lighting glass is mouth-blown. Numerous top lighting companies from Europe, USA and Poland has trusted us and let us to produce lampshades for them.

Słowa kluczowe: biaglass, białystok, glass, glass shedes, huta, huta szkła, lamps, lampy, oświetlenie, szkło, żyrandole


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